The Marykirk Hotel, Marykirk, Nr. Montrose, Aberdeenshire

Marykirk Hotel

Marykirk Hotel Montrose Aberdeenshire
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Dear Guests,

The Marykirk Hotel & Restaurant would like to inform everyone that we have made the difficult decision to close.  With regard to the new restrictions that are currently in place in Aberdeenshire from Monday 2nd November.

Indoors (restaurants, cafes, bars, public houses)

  • Alcohol only with main meal
  • 19:00 last entry
  • 20:00 closed

Outdoors (restaurants, cafes, bars, public houses)

  • 21:30 last entry
  • 22:30 closed

After 3 weeks of trying to operate under these restrictions it is now painfully obvious that we cannot do so and still run a viable business.  In addition we do not know from one week to the next whether these restrictions will be relaxed or tightened.  We must face the harsh economic reality of having to operate at reduced capacity. Most restaurants/pubs aren’t run to make vast profits. Most restaurants/pubs can’t make vast profits. Margins have been squeezed so far over the past few years that even at full capacity it can be fearsomely difficult to break even. So we are very sad to announce that effective immediately, Sunday 22nd November, we are closing until such time that we feel the time is right.

Our rooms will continue to be open to essential workers.  We apologise for any inconvenience.  The Petrie family at The Marykirk Hotel would like to thank everyone for the support we have had during this unprecedented time.  A big thank you to all our loyal customers who continue to support us. Hopefully we can welcome everyone back in the not too distant future.